"the natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well" Hippocrates

Conscious Connections Kinesiology
Conscious Connections Kinesiology

A build up of stress or emotional imbalances stop us from living a joyous life, which usually leads to physical pain, tension, anger or fatigue.

It is said that out body has an innate ability to heal itself on all levels and does this naturally on a daily basis. It's such an advanced system and operates quite effectively but sometimes when too much stress or dis-harmony has been put on our mind/body/spirit, it slows down its own healing process and at times even stops. A session with Conscious Connections will help enable the mind/body/spirit to reboot and start doing what it's designed to do . . . be in balance.

How many sessions or how long it takes your body to heal is up to the individual and depends on many factors like the depth of the emotion and all the dis-harmonies that are involved. Our bodies love to sabotage us and it will be your willingness to release trapped stagnate energy, grow with your new knowledge and perhaps make certain lifestyle changes, that will encourage the healing to progress.


Kinesiology Therapy is a gentle, holistic technique combining Eastern therapeutic principles that looks into the body's energy flow through meridians, connected to your muscles. We access the answers from your body's own intelligence and wisdom, which allows us to understand why certain issues may have occurred, in the hope to remove any negative responses and come back to a balanced state.

Why Kinesiology?

It is every body's right to feel healthy, strong, happy and passionate about life.