"I believe we have the wisdom within us and on our land, to ignite our own healing" Poppy Manoussakis 

Conscious Connections Kinesiology
Conscious Connections Kinesiology

Meet Poppy Manoussakis

As a child I had a mysterious illness that caused me a lot of pain and I ended up in hospital with doctors unable to diagnose what was wrong with me. Through pure universal synchronicity, I 'bumped' into a holistic therapist and she gave me something that made me well again. My mysterious illness never returned.

I then became completely inquisitive with the human body, in particular what we feed our body and emotions. I noticed how eating different foods at certain times affected my moods, my body posture, my thoughts and reactions. 

Through research and intensive study on Health and Ancestral diets, I found a passion for wellbeing and healing that would change my life.

I started this journey in 2000 and since then I've had two children. With one child diagnosed Autistic (for now), this made me research the body's healing abilities at a much deeper level. My main goal is to recover my son from Autism and bring him back to an optimal healthy state.

In my journey to help my son, I also decided that I wanted to help others achieve a total balance in their lives as well. I hope to bring the same elated effect on your lives that we've had on our own.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you to find your way back to balance.

Conscious Connections Kinesiology

My Training

  • Kinesiology

  • Theta Healing

  • Reiki

  • Nutritional Science

  • Homeopathy

  • Kinegetics

  • Body Code
  • Resonate Essences

  • Essential Oils

  • Signature healing foods

  • EFT

  • Holistic & Energetic Healing

  • Skin Care

  • Australian Bush Flowers

My Beliefs

I believe that we have the wisdom within us and on our land to ignite our own healing. I believe that by removing suppressed emotions stored in our bodies, we can increase our health, clear our minds and make better lifestyle choices.

I also believe that eating the correct food at the correct time will influence our body to start to rejuvenate and access it's innate healing state. Helping the body remove stagnate or 'over energy' within our systems will increase vitality and help the body back to balance and start living a life of joy and wellbeing.

I believe that maintaining a healthy perspective on what life deals to you, will have a positive effect on your mind and body.